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Spotlight on Jessica Mathews: The Nigerian inventor creating renewable energy from football

Jessica O. Matthews is a Nigerian-American inventor and entrepreneur who has made significant contributions to the field of renewable energy. Her invention, the Soccket ball, is a soccer ball that generates electricity when it is kicked around.

The idea for the Soccket ball came to Matthews while she was studying at Harvard University. She was inspired by the energy crisis in Nigeria, where her family is from, and wanted to find a way to create sustainable energy solutions for communities that lacked access to electricity. She realized that soccer is a popular sport in many African countries, and that a soccer ball that could generate electricity could be a practical solution.

The Soccket ball works by harnessing the kinetic energy that is generated when it is kicked. As the ball rolls or bounces, an internal mechanism inside the ball spins, generating electricity that can be used to power small appliances like lamps or cell phones. In areas without access to electricity, this can be a game-changer for people who rely on kerosene lamps or other dangerous and expensive sources of light.

Matthews’ invention has garnered attention from around the world, and she has received numerous awards and recognition for her work. She has also founded a company called Uncharted Power, which aims to create sustainable infrastructure solutions for communities around the world.

The Soccket ball is a great example of how innovative thinking and creativity can be used to address some of the world’s most pressing problems. It is an inspiring reminder that even small ideas can have a big impact, and that anyone can make a difference if they are willing to put in the effort and think outside the box. With people like Jessica O. Matthews leading the way, the future of renewable energy looks bright.

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